26 Mar



If you’re looking for fine dining in a contemporary lounge setting with a gorgeous view of the city, I highly recommend Robert! The food is absolutely delicious. I ordered a Pear Blue Cheese salad and the Filet Mignon which came with a truffle cheese. So. Good. Also if you’re a jazz lover like me, Robert has a pianist playing all night and it was divine~



22 Mar


Reunited with my Tokyo friends, we decided to eat some good old ramen. At Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop we ordered shio and shoyu ramen (I ordered with extra egg) and it tasted just like home. The noodles are definitely the star in this dish.

Cake Cup Cup Cake

22 Mar


A fluffy Red Velvet Pecan cupcake in a cup. Need I say more? Yummy yummy at the Bee’s Knees Baking Company.

Midnight Munchies

19 Mar

20140319-193150.jpgLately I’ve been finding myself hanging out with friends and then flocking our way towards 2nd Ave. for some late night munchies. This Belgian Fries joint is off da hizzle. Get the Parmesan Peppercorn and BBQ dip. Delishhhh!


19 Mar

20140319-192847.jpgOh. My. God. I absolutely LOVED this show. It was SOO, and I mean SOOO, much fun to watch and it definitely defined the meaning of SPECTACLE. Warning: Spoiler Alert (duhh)

First of all the costumes were bee-yoo-tiful. Most of the costumes had crystals embedded in them and they were FLAWLESS! Apparently they gathered materials from all over the world so it was neat to see a variety of colorful and authentic fabrics used.

Now I normally pay little attention to this but the lighting was spot on. I’ve never been excited over lighting but the lights in this show were definitely a huge contribution to making Aladdin a huge spectacle. One of my favorite moments was the magic carpet ride during “A Whole New World.” The way they made the stars twinkle in the night sky scene was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t have imagined it any better.

And my oh my, Genie was THE BEST I’VE SEEN ON BROADWAY. He was played by James Monroe Iglehart and I was seriously blown away. I’ve never seen someone work the stage as Iglehart did and he *snap snap snap* KILLED IT. He was just on top of his game and his energy was out of this world! After his main number “Friend Like Me”, I jumped out of my seat clapping and the whole audience was on their feet for a standing ovation. I have never seen an audience stand up in the middle of a show but Genie and the cast definitely deserved one for that number. You would think the choreography in this show would only revolve around Arabian, belly-dancing type movements but to my surprise this show went BEYOND. In just one number they performed EVERYTHING you would imagine in a grand spectacle. From glamorous tap dancing to sassy jazz hands, this number defined the meaning of spectacle. I was so overwhelmed by the performance and it was definitely an experience I will NEVER forget.


Top of the Rock

11 Mar




With a few old friends from Tokyo, we went to the Top of the Rock sky view at the Rockefeller center! In my opinion, it is SOOO much better than the empire just because you can actually take a picture of, well, the iconic Empire State building. Plus you can still get a cool view from the inside.

Balloon Heaven (and also Wieners)

24 Feb



Rolf’s is not your typical German restaurant. To be honest, I just went for the balloons and lights (so puurrdy). But other then that, their wieners have a good crunch and taste to it! Also sauerkraut, not my thing.